The winner of the Figure/Portrait 'Monochrome' Get Dusty is Lynn Howarth with 'Eck 4'. Lynn also wins second place with 'Wisdom'. Congratulations! Lynn prize is a set of Unison pastels.

In third place is Eva Schläfli with 'The Eyes of a Desert Beauty'.wisdom 20170130 1726515831

the eyes of a desert beauty 20170216 1451307688

Some of you may have noticed that we have changed the access to the Scribbler. When you click on the Scribbler banner you will no longer get directly to the newest Scribbler but to a menu which lists all available Scribblers. Then just click on the one you want to read. Of course we will announce the publication of a new Scribbler on our website. You can also store an RSS-feed in your browser to get an alert everytime the PGE launches a new article on the front-page. This will also include the scribbler-banner change event. Our webmaster explained to us computer dummies that hiding content is only possible if the content is linked to a page/category that is "non-public". We hope that this is not too inconvenient.


Last year, the board decided to change the payment system for the member fees. Where everyone had different payment dates depending on when they had joined the PGE, we now use January 31st as the payment date for all members. The fees for last year have been adjusted as you probably have noticed. This will significantly reduce the amount of work for the treasurer! Please note that the old recurring Paypal subscriptions for PGE DO NOT WORK any more!

The yearly fee is 15€ for Apprentice members and 30€ for Journeyer members. Members who haven't paid their fees until the end of March will be blocked and won't be able to access the PGE member menu after March, 31, 2017.

How to pay your member fees: