The winner of our April competition is our new member Claudia Chimenti with 'Harley'. Congratulations! Claudia wins a set of Unison pastels.

harley 20170413 2029963853
















In second place is Dolores Saul with 'Explorer'. In third place is Elisabeth Blass with 'Triplet'.

explorer 20170420 1074959934

triplet 20170424 1262883557











Right now before the spring is here, the new Pastel Scribbler is published. There is plenty of interesting reading matter in this issue; in addition to articles about our wonderful ‘Get Dusty’ winners and judges. Dolores Saul takes us to her demonstrations at the fair and other jobs with pastel demonstrations. There are new PGE members for you to meet. Mario Vukelic offers fantastic workshops in Croatia. The new Scribbler is only for members! Go to the little image on the right sidebar and log in again.

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The winner of the Landscape 'Water in the landscape' Get Dusty is Martina Zingler with "Crossing"!

crossing 20170324 1247683360

 Congratulations! Her prize is a set of Unison pastels.

In second place is Kerstin Birk with "End of Winter".    .

In third place is Dolores Saul with "Sound of Silence".

end of winter 20170325 1843880535

sound of silence 20170323 1884095159


 Our guest judge Jacob Aguiar said: " It was fun looking through the work, and I enjoyed seeing the pieces!"

Honorable mentions go to: