Minutes of the 2016 Annual General Meeting of the Pastel Guild of Europe online at 18:00 BST, April 3rd 2016

Present at the meeting: Ruth Mann, Dorothea Schulz, Annika Ostman, Dolores Saul, Mario Vukelic, Lynn

Howarth, Susan Corcoran, Ludmilla Podolski, Brigitte Courte, Tonya L Carpenter, Ghislaine Fabre Apologies received: Marie-france Oosterhof, Jill Harker

1. The meeting was opened at 18:00 BST by Dorothea Schulz, who welcomed those attending, and the agenda was agreed.

2. The Chair and the secretary(ies) of the meeting, Dorothea Schulz and Mario Vukelic and Lynn Howarth, were introduced to the members attending the meeting.

3. The Minutes of this meeting will be checked by Susan Corcoran.

4. Any other business. At this stage no other business was proposed.


5. Activity Report: Confirmation was obtained that the Activity report (Annex A) had been read by all at-tending, there were no questions to be answered. This report was agreed and adopted.

6. Financial Report: The financial report (Annex B) was prepared and submitted by Annika Ostman, treas-urer. There were no questions raised about the report. The members attending were unanimous in recording a vote of thanks to Annika for the work she put in this year. The accounts are now held in Finland as we no longer have any Swedish members. The accounts showed no debts and it was agreed that next years accounts will be in Euros in keeping with the change in location This report was agreed and adopted.

7. The report and accounts were adopted by a unanimous vote.

8. Chair will continue to be Dorothea Schulz which was unanimously agreed.

9. Election of Board members: The following members were voted on to the board and will serve for two years:

Marie-France Oosterhof as a board member for one more year.

Jill Harker as a board member for one more year.

Susan Corcoran, Lynn Howarth (secretarial duties), Dolores Saul and Mario Vukelic (Get Dusty) for two years.

Annika Ostman remains as treasurer for at least one year. Sadly,  Jim Humphreys has had to resign due to health issues. Ruth Mann has also resigned and was given a vote of thanks for her time and effort put in to ensure the continuance and smooth running of the Guild.

10. The Activity Plan for 2016 is presented (ANNEX C). Activity plan for 2016 was adopted unanimously. 11. A committee is still needed to determine the viability of PGE holding an international online pastel art competition and to establish how to go about making it happen. Without volunteers it is likely that the committee will not convene and the proposed competition will therefore be delayed once more. So far the following members have volunteered. Lynn Howarth, Ruth Mann, Jill Harker, Frank M Schwietzer, Annika Ostman. More volunteers are required. Any member in Europe may serve on a committee. Please consider whether you could help to make PGE’s long held plan become reality. To run successfully there needs to be a concerted attempt to find sponsorship whether it be paper or pastel manufacturers providing prizes that need to match the importance the competition.

12 There being no further business to discuss, the