Hanging out at the artists community www.WetCanvas.com, George in Portugal, and Charlie in Sweden talked about existing pastel societies in Europe. We were looking for a society with a broad membership base that wasnt strictly local, and used English for communicating. The following conversation took place:

Charlie: Maybe we should start an European pastel society? We'd need a bunch of dedicated Europeans to make it possible. Any interested Europeans who'd like to make a society?

George: Its a great idea ... Im an European really interested, to make a society.

And then they were three, when Mario in Croatia joined the effort. Many more European pastel artists on WetCanvas flocked to the idea. So we set to work. One of the first things done was to post a call to European pastel artists to join in the effort of building a pastel society.

First there was the brainstorming phase which lasted for about a month. Several European pastel artists contributed generously with ideas and work: Marion in France, Sophie in England, Ceci in Spain, Jose in Portugal, and several others, including those who later served on the Steering Committee to do the work of making the founding of the Pastel Guild happen. The members of the Steering Committee were: Dorte, Denmark; Mary Brigid, Ireland; George, Portugal; Mario, Croatia; Charlie (Carlotte), Sweden.

The joint efforts of all members lead to the founding of the PGE on May 3, 2009, where the Steering Committee was elected as the first Board.

We are looking forward to a wonderful time with the PGE,

Charlie and George,
Founders of PGE