Please read this brief instruction before you start your registration by clicking  the menu:

"Register as a member".

You need to leap 4 steps from registration to log-in as a member of PGE:

1)  Registering your personal data:

first you fill in every mandatory field

and then click the "Register"-button. Your registration data is now been stored.


2) Choosing your preferred way to pay:

  • using your paypal-account (single automated transaction)
  • paying by bank (offline, manual transaction)

This can be done fully automated or on your agreement.

Depending on the option you prefer, you click on:

  • "PayPal, Click here to pay" -  button or
  • "PAY OFFLINE" - button

Your subscription to a new PGE membership has now been stored and the payment process initialised.



3) Confirm your e-mail address

You will immediately receive an e-mail from PGE admin requesting to confirm your subscription.

This is to make sure that your e-mail adress belongs to a real person, who wants to join us.

Please click the link and your subscription will be confirmed.



4) Log-in as a PGE member

Once our accountant has checked your payment your membership will be approved.

An e-mail will inform you that you have been approved and you may now log in as a member of PGE!


This whole process could take just a few hours if you pay by paypal or some days if you pay offline.

If for any reason you skipped the process and you still want to register later, ask This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ,

we will help you getting logged-in.