Winter 2017/2018 - Free Choice - Winter > closed

February – category Portrait/Figure – challenge: Dance. We want one or several dancing figures. That can be ballet, ballroom dance, ethnic dances.> closed

March – category Landscape – challenge: a cityscape, either at day or at night. Your entry may contain human figures, but only as part of the scene. Remember, this is a landscape challenge! > closed

April – category Animal - challenge: On the bird table. A painting of one or more local wild birds. It’s fine if they are perched on a twig or sitting on the ground; a bird table is not essential for this challenge.' Please ask yourself if your painting shows the kind of bird you would see in your garden before you enter it. Not any bird painting will do! > closed.

May – category Still life – challenge: Clothing and accessories. Think a still life containing scarves, hats, jewels, gloves with or without a pice of clothing.

June – Category: Portrait – challenge: An old woman. This is a portrait challenge, so no full figure please.

July/August – Free choice

September – category Landscape- challenge: Woodland or forest.

October – category Animals – challenge: My four-legged friend. Cats, dogs, horses are all good; or maybe you have a pet pig or goat at home? We expect an animal portrait or figure, not just animals in the landscape.

November – category Still life – challenge: Roses and metal. Roses and metal are a great combination. Think brass, bronze, steel vases, pots or even trays, as long as it is metal.

December/January – Free choice

If you don‘t know what to paint, why not check out the reference photos in our Photo Library! This is a collection of free reference photos from members for members. Or upload some of your photos for the benefit of others.