Christine Obers our judge for the Get Dusty Competition April 2022 has made her decision:

The winner is Joanna Gray with "Sunny Surrey". Congratulations! Joanna receives 50 € and a certificate.

sunny surrey horse 20220422 1666531501

In second place is Lynn Howarth PGE with "Houston"in third place is Ruth Mann PGE with "Day Dreaming".

houston 20220405 1916202881 daydreaming 20220425 2028632353

Honorable mention go to Anja Poker with "Irish Cob", Janet Johnson with "Bound, but not for glory" and Alena Rachinger with "Chayenne".

irish cob 20220421 1371401993 bound but not for glory 20220415 1148300197


                              chayenne 20220423 1547517301

Read all comments from Christine in our next Scribbler!

Congratulations to all who placed!
You can see all 26 entries in the Competition Gallery.
The judge's comments will be published in the next Scribbler.
Meet our winner on her website.