The winner of the first place is Dorothea Schulz with her painting "Lilacs"

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Congratulations Dorothea!  She wins a box of Gordan Becin Handmade pastels.       .                             .

1st  "Lilacs", by Dorothea Schulz
2nd "Call Me the Breeze", by Mario Vukelic
3rd "Fleeting Beauty", by Dorothea Schulz
HM "Extravaganza", by Judy Tate
HM "Spring Scent", by Brigitte Courte


The Judge for this month was Jude Tolar, PSA from Oklahoma, USA
Her comments will be published in the next Scribbler.

All 11 entries can be seen in the Get Dusty Competition Gallery.

Meet Dorothea Schulz and visit her  website.