The winner of our summer Get Dusty Competition is:

Lynn Howarth with " Up Periscope!"! Congratulations!

up periscope 20160702 1467099531













Second place goes to Brigitte Courté with "Modi & Blue at the Beach"

Brigitte wins a set of softpastels handmade by our Sponsor Gordan Becin.

Third place is Dolores Saul with "Watching"

modi blue at the beach 20160731 1926898533


 watching 20160730 1202593755







Honorable mention goes to "Dorothea Schulz with "Chef from Istria",

Lynn Howarth with "The Shore Fisher" and Ghislane Fabre with "Begonias et pots bleus".

chef from istria 20160825 1180064259

the shore fisher 20160702 1594606552

begonias et pots bleus 20160731 1594189948

Thank you to our guest judge Adrian Frankel Giuliani PSA !

She said:"Thank you so much!  I greatly enjoyed being the juror for this show. 

It was an honor".  

 All 45 entries of the summer competition you will find in the Competition Gallery.

The jury´s comment you will find in the September 2016 Scribbler.

Visit the Get Dusty winner Lynn Howarth.