"Let´s rock!"

The winner is Brigitte Courté and she rocks the competition with "Baywood Park".

baywood park kalifornien 20160915 1900258248

Second place goes to Kerstin Birk with her "Rocks at Lake Bolsena". Third place is Annika Östmann with "Kvarken Archipelago".

Kerstin Birk wins the set softpastels handmade by our sponsor Goran Becin.

rocks at lake bolsena 20160925 1760924724





kvarken archipelago 20160921 1075149820


An honorable mention goes to Teresa Allen with "Salir do Porto", Dolores Saul with

"Keanae" and Lynn Howarth with "River Rapids,Glencoe".

salir do porto 20160920 1478214813

keanae 20160912 1009277164

river rapids glencoe 20160922 1972070352







All 22 entries of the competition you will find in the Competition Gallery.

The jury´s comment you will find in the next Scribbler, November 2016.

Visit the Get Dusty Winner, Brigitte Courté.