We are happy to announce that we have a new sponsor for our Get Dusty Competition:

Unison Colour Logo1

 'Unison Colour pastels were created 'by artists for artists' & were
> introduced onto the market in 1987 by John Hersey, a highly respected artist
> who after several years of experimentation created Unison Colour soft
> pastels.

Unison Colour handmade soft pastels are highly pigmented that
> reveal intense colour when used. Our soft pastels offer vibrant or subtle
> shades of colour with a wonderful consistent & smooth texture that makes
> them ideal for pastel paintings of any subject (landscape, portraits,
> seascapes etc.). These soft pastels have an ability to create a range of
> effects & their softness lends itself to colour mixing while drawing and
> keeps the work fresh. The versatility of the pastel means they can be
> blended & used with different mediums such as oil, charcoal, pencil &
> watercolour. Used by both professional & amateur artists, Unison Colour soft
> pastels are renowned for being the best on the market. '