Steffi Decker was born in Thuringia/Germany in 1965. She came to art early and is mainly self-taught; since 2011 she has been studying painting with Patrick Devonas. She has shown her work since 2011 in several exhibitions. During her time as a member with PGE she won the Get Dusty several times. In 2013, her painting ‘Sammy V’ got an honourable mention in the Pastel Journal’s ‘Pastel 100’competition in the Animal/Wildlife category. In 2014, she was featured in the 'International Artist' magazine.


‘My inspiration’

‘I love and respect animals and my aim and my passion is finding ways to

express my inner most emotions with regards to living things.




Nature’s complexity lies embedded in a sea of simplicity. All these boundless

wonders fill me with amazement which I wish to give voice to in my work.I’m in

love with these transient moments experienced in nature – such as a dog’s

loyal smile, a cat’s defiant and independent look, the elegant restraint of a

horse, or the wonderful world of wildlife, which shows us our own pettiness

on this planet - keeping in mind that all these wonderful creatures have a soul

and individuality. I want to convey a sensation of a conversation by the animal

I paint and the viewer on the other side. It finds expression in the posture, the

kind of look and is underpinned by the atmospheric light. I love the playing

with light and edges, the changing of warm and cool colors, to create

atmosphere and depth. More and more I found ways to abstract unimportant

things and to accent the important.

The most satisfying reward for me is to see that the viewer feels paint touched

by the painting. This fills my heart with joy and always motivates me anew.