The PGE is happy to announce the relaunch of its own Photo Library (LIB).

We hope that this work-in-progress will turn into a source of inspiration for our


In order to work, the LIB needs you to contribute: this is a communal project by

members for members. So if you have photos which you think could be good artistic references, please donate them to our library.

Every library has a set of "house rules" and ours is no exception:

PGE Photo Library Rules


I. Uploading

1. Only upload your own photos; we don´t want any copyright problems!

2. The photo should be virus-free and meet certain photographic standards. It has to be clear and neither under - nor overexposed. Out - of - focus and very dark or light photos will be deleted.

3. Do not post photos of your personal artwork; the place for that is the forum.

4. Please observe the specifications about  max/min size and resolution for the photo to be of use as a reference:

- The photo should have between 800 and 1200 pixels on the long side.

- File size should be at least 800 kb and max 1000 kb.

5. The liberian (LIB administrator) reserves the right to move or delete photos or add keywords.

II. Downloading

The photographer grants you the right to download the photo for your own personal use as an artistic reference.

The copyright stays with the photographer; the photo may not be published or otherwise used without written permission from the copyright holder.

If you use a photo as reference, it is good manners to notify the photographer. He/ she will surely be flattered.

You may show and sell the resulting artwork; if you do, please mention your source ( reference photo by XY with permission).

Where to find the access to the LIB

You´ll find the access to the LIB in the User Menu. We have introduced a tree structure which works like the one you probably know from Windows Explorer.

The upload works like the one for "Get Dusty"; click "User Panel", then "Upload" and select the subcategory which fits your photo best. Choose a title and put a few keywords into "description"; thisway other members can use the User Panel´s  "search " function to narrow down their search. Keywords highlight different aspects of a photo. Eg. if you upload a photo of a Swedish castle in summer your keywords could be: Sweden,summer,castle,park,pond". If you can´t find a category thats fits your photo, send a PM to Dorothea Schulz, the Librarian.