The winner is:

Karin Kiessling with " Amur Tiger".

Congratulations! She wins a set of  Unison softpastels.

amur tiger 20161001 1869215711



Second place goes to Clea Müller with "Kreeblamduan" and

the third place goes to Elaine Witheside with "Pondering Chimp".

kreeblamduan 20160929 1074777075 pondering chimp 20161007 1613573337


 Read more about the honorable mentions:


Honorable mentions go to Karin Kiessling with " Grey seal", Marie-France

Oosterhof with "Auto Rhino" and Dorothea Schulz with "Buffalo".

grey seal 20161021 1621708754 auto rhino 20160926 1804604579


                              buffalo 20161017 1623639518

You can find all 15 entries of the competition in the Competition Gallery.

The judge's comments will be published in the November 2016 Scribbler.

Visit the Get Dusty Winner Karin Kiessling.