Our guest judge Suzanne Godbout has chosen the winner of our Winter 'Get Dusty'. It is Martina Zingler with 'Winter Blues'; congratulations! Martina wins a box of Unison pastels. 

In second place is Judy Tate with 'Towards Poole' and in third place Elisabeth Blass with 'In the evening glow'.

towards poole 20161217 2083723846 in the evening glow 20170125 2029040367We also have three honourable mentions:







  Marie-France Oosterhof with 'Lobster2', Ruth Mann with 'Winter fields' and Judy Tate with 'London reflection'.

lobster 2 20161207 1948658834

winter fields 20170121 1669513490london reflections 20161217 1300873570

The board was very excited about the quality of all the entries; we thought it was one of the best Dusties ever!

See all 50 entries in our Competition Gallery.

The judge's comments will be published in the next Scribbler.

Visit our winner Martina Zingler.