Dear member,

I'm glad and proud at the same time to re-open the Get Dusty competition for our members again.


In behalf of Dorothea Schulz, our chair, I invite you to upload your entries for the April-Competition as usual.

  1. You have to log-in
  2. click the Get Dusty Competition menu on the right
  3. choose the userpanel-link on the left
  4. follow the load up procedure as before


A lot has changed, but I'll try to keep it as similar as before. Much more is still to do. But this needs an incredible amount of time, because it is not only just doing it. It's much more testing (on a second system) and debugging (on the target system). Anyhow, I'm still confident to manage it. Please excuse this phase of uncertainty. Things will be much better and more stable later.