Our guest judge Sarah Blumenschein has chosen a winner; it is Deborah Damgaard-Hansen with 'Dancing with teapots'. Congratulations! Deborah wins a set of Unison pastels.

In second place is Dolores Saul with 'Good luck!'. In third place is Dorothea Schulz with 'Chinese souvenirs'.

good luck 20170506 1233138591 chinese souvenirs 20170507 1180593054










Honourable mentions go to Mary Ellen Brown with 'Reflection in Contrast', Martina Zingler with ' Preparing for a Tea Break' and Kerstin Birk with 'Ready for Tomato Salad'.

reflections in contrast 20170516 1955123297

preparing for a tea break 20170519 1236416680


ready for tomato salad 20170525 1051985667








Congratulations to all who placed!

You'll find all 13 entries in the Competition Gallery.

The judge's comments will be published in the next Scribbler.

Meet the winner Deborah Daamgard-Hansen on her website.