Our guest judge Alain Picard has chosen his winning painting. It is 'Fleur de Japon' by

Ghislaine Fabre. Congratulations! Ghislaine wins a set of Unison pastels.

In second place is ' Zuza in a Blue Dress' by Agata Maciagowska; in third place is 'Hula Kahiko' by Carmen Gardner.

zuza in a blue dress 20170617 1583202089

hula kahiko 20170619 1179324196










Honourable mentions go to 'Destiny' by Joop van der Linden, 'The mistress of the inn' by Irina Orlova and 'Jane Brazil' by Dolores Saul.
destiny 20170602 1106643557

 the mistress of the inn 20170625 1172348836jane brasil 20170616 1714520136






Congratulations to all who placed!

You'll find all 13 entries in the Competition Gallery.

The judge's comments will be published in the next Scribbler.

Meet our winner on her FB page.