Our September Get Dusty category is 'Landscape'. To make the challenge a bit more interesting, we have chosen the following poem by Paul Hansford:

Reflection (A Palindromic Poem)

Still waters, deep, 
surface like glass reflecting green above; 

and below are trees, sky, 
shadows, leaves, sunlight, 
moving and motionless. 
Here silent images shimmer now, 
and - air breathing suddenly - break. 
Unbidden feelings confuse 
reality and fantasy. 
Which is which? 
Fantasy and reality confuse; 
feelings unbidden break, suddenly breathing air; 
and now shimmer images, 
silent here, motionless 
and moving.... 
(sunlight leaves shadows) . 
Sky, trees are 
below - and above - 
green, reflecting, glass-like surface. 
Deep waters, still.

We think that this poem is a wonderful starting point for a painting featuring reflections. Let yourself be inspired by it!

The deadline for this competition is September, 25. You may enter up to two paintings.