After studying art at the Aix en Provence art academy, Claude Carvin worked in various professions to earn a living. He moved to Ardèche in 1992; inspired by the landscape, he began to exhibit in the region. After working in oil for years, he discovered pastel.

This technique changed his way of working; this direct and intuitive medium brings him closer to his subject, especially during plein air sessions.



His encounter with the Pastellistes de France opened the doors to international art exhibitions and recognition.

He became a member, then a teacher at the Société des Pastellistes de France and organized workshops throughout France.

Several articles were devoted to him in artist magazines (Practice des Arts, Artist Magazine, Plaisir de Peindre, Dessin et Peinture and The Pastel Journal.

A DVD published by Pratique des Arts will be dedicated to him.