Our guest judge Rita Kirkman has chosen her winning painting. It is "After my Bath", by Marie France Oosterhof!

after my bath 20171022 1773516165

Congratulations! She wins a set of softpastels.

In second place is "Redeye Treefrog", by Kerstin Birk;  in third place is "Through a Hedge Backwards", by Jan Hargood.
redeye treefrog 20171025 1814131593through a hedge backwards 20171016 2042236636









Honourable mentions go to "Gold Fish", by Irina Orlova," Coquilles Saint-Jacques", by Gina Carstens and"Kiss me" by Dolores Saul.

kiss me 20171019 1149310223

Congratulations to all who placed!

You'll find all 25 entries in the Competition Gallery.

The judge's comments will be published in the Winter Scribbler 2017-18

Meet our winner on her FB page.