‘Born in Charente-Maritime where I live, I have been drawing and painting since 1990. After a few years devoted to watercolour, I discovered pastel in 1997. This encounter was a revelation. Seduced by its delicacy, subtle nuances and velvety touch, I now devote myself exclusively to this technique to paint portraits and scenes of life. The portrait is an adventure. It is a work that is based above all on the observation of the model. Translating an expression, a state of mind, a feeling, giving life to a face are constantly renewed challenges. My art is based on emotion; a face has to touch me to make me want to make a portrait of it. It is this emotion that I try to convey through my pastels. I am often told that my portraits look like me, that they reflect me. I think that when we paint a facial expression, we put a lot of ourself into it and we charge it with our own sensitivity.‘