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Rules of the Get Dusty Competition

0. Intro

Quick Guide How to Upload to Get Dusty

Each month (holiday period excluded) the Pastel Guild of Europe holds a competition for its members, the Get Dusty. Every PGE member may submit two paintings. The winner gets a prize of pastels.

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The Subscription to a PGE - Membership

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1. Participation

Open to all Apprentice and Journeyer members of the Pastel Guild of Europe who are 18 years old or more.

2. Subject of Competition

Themes are decided on by the board. (Suggestions for themes are very welcome.)

Themes are announced in advance of the competition.Get Dusty Schedule 2019/20

The submitted paintings shall have a connection to the theme of the month. (A painting of a cat will not do if the theme is animals/horses. The board makes the decisions, and won't debate.)

If you have any questions concerning your interpretation of the theme, do ask before committing to paper, in the Forum section Competitions.