Winter 2018/2019 - Free Choice > Closed


February - category Portrait/Figure, challenge: ‘People at work. > Closed

We want one or several figures (half or full, no head portrait) working.

March - category Landscape, challenge: ‘Landscape with artifact’.> Closed

We want a landscape - including coastal, but no pure seascape or cityscape - which includes a human artifact; that could be a building like a church, a bridge, a ruin, a lighthouse, but also a man-made object like a car, a tractor, a garden chair etc. The landscape MUST dominate in your painting and the object must stay an element of your composition, and not be the main feature.

Aprilcategory Animal, challenge: ‘Birds on water.> deadline 25.April 2019. > Closed

That means water fowl actually swimming, drifting, diving. Birds preening, stalking prey, landing or starting off are also permissible, but there has to be contact with the water! 

Maycategory Still Life, challenge: ‘Doors or gates.> deadline 25. May 2019 > Closed

The door or gate has to be the main feature, not the building it is part of. A partial view of a door is allowed as long as the door itself is clearly visible (no portrait of a door handle or keyhole, please).

June - category portrait/figure, challenge: ‘Portrait with head cover and/or glasses.> deadline 25.June 2019> Closed

That includes hats, caps, work helmets or a hijab or headscarf. No full figure, please, this is a portrait challenge.

July/AugustFree choice > deadline 25.August 2019

Septembercategory Landscape, challenge: ‘Beginning or end of day'.> deadline 25.September 2019

We want to see a morning or evening scene. Pay attention to the specific colour of light at that time of day, and the position of the sun! Think of long shadows or sunrise and sunset.

Octobercategory Animal, challenge: ’Mother and child. > 25.October 2019

You are free to choose the species you like, but the painting has to include both the mother and her offspring.

November category Still Life, challenge: ’Prepared food or drink.> deadline 25.November 2019

Please no fruit or veggie still life showing apples, turnips, pumpkins etc. in their original state.

December 19/January2020Free choice > deadline 25.January 2010

If you don‘t know what to paint, why not check out the reference photos in our Photo Library! This is a collection of free reference photos from members for members. Or upload some of your photos for the benefit of others.