Making waves- A demo by Catherine Hutter

by Dorothea Schulz

‘Landscape and space, the planet and its gardens: eyes towards a dream of Eden, towards ‘Landscapes of Light’
- subjects for which pastel, with its powdery colours, its delicacy, its power of contrast and precision is my preferred medium.
Kaleidoscopic views like fleeting bursts of colour, fragments of happy moments gleaned during my walks in human gardens or
those of the universe.’ ‘Pastel returned to my artistic life in 1998 after an episode of mainly watercolour, ink and mixed media. And it never left me. I exhibit mainly in Brittany and Normandy (my studio is located in Cancale) or show my work in pastel exhibitions, particularly with the association ‘Pastellistes de France’ (SPDF).
They really supported me by letting me show my work regularly in France and abroad in recent years.´

Dorothea Schulz reports:
I had the opportunity to watch Catherine work during the exhibition ‘Les Pastellistes de France’ in Montlucon, France.
Though her favourite pastels are Sennelier, she uses a lot of other brands depending on the paper she chooses and the colours she needs.
Soft pastels: Schmincke, Blockx and L’Artisan Pastellier which she just discovered. They offer a nice range of greys which she used frequently during the demonstration. Harder pastels: Rembrandt and Conté carré for details.

Read the full article in the Scribbler June 2016.