Creating fur

A demo by Karin Kiessling

The sketch is transferred onto Clairfontaine PastelMat, my favourite pastel paper. Its velvety surface, made from a fine coating of cellulose
fibers, holds pigments very well and offers the possibility of drawing inmultiple layers. These are necessary to give the impression of a realistic, dense fur.
An under painting is established with soft pastels. I sometimes useslightly different colours than those you see on the final painting to
achieve a warm under painting or to keep shadow areas darker. If youneed to paint a lot of detail, the under painting should be sparse; if
there is too much pigment, you won't get enough detail on top of it. Iffewer details are needed, you can add thicker soft pastel layers. I use asoft cloth or cotton buds for blending.
Tiger 1
 Tiger 2
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