Jeri Greenberg PSA, our judge for the November Get Dusty Competition has made her decision:

The winner is Silja Salmistu with "Lemon Tea" Congratulations! She wins a set of 10 PanPastel colors and a set of Sofft tools from our sponsor PanPastel.

lemon tea 3 20191121 1464657708

In second place is Anne-Laure Glaude with "Concombresin third place is Clea Müller with "HomeMade Jelly".

concombres 20191028 1296148208 home made jelly 20191125 1026922053


After many years as a fashion illustrator and designer, Jeri took time off to raise a family while working from home as a textile and graphic designer.  Years later, she discovered her passion for pastels. Jeri teaches weekly classes at Museum School at Cameron Art Museum in Wilmington, NC, leads a variety of demos and  workshops across the country, and juries pastel shows nationwide.



"Pastels are an immediate tool to express feelings, the perfect vehicle by which to "Make the Ordinary Extraordinary" and to tell stories in paintings...Pastels are pure color and pure joy for me.  The ability to make them do whatever you want, using both soft and hard pastels, is both freeing and a delicious torture." - J. Greenberg



From still lifes, urban interiors, figures and fabrics, to landscapes, Jeri's portfolio reflects the Power of Pastels™.   She shares her love of nature, people's expressions and the soul that's hiding in an inanimate object.


 Written by Joanna Ward

Dear members; before you try to upload an entry into the Get Dusty, we strongly recommend that you read the Get Dusty rules. They contain all the necessary information to successfully upload your painting. Every month, we either find entries which do not comply with the competition rules (information about the size of the painting and your source of reference), or members ignore the technical requirements (file size) and are unable to upload their entry. We try to contact members if we discover a problem but not all are on FB or read their messages. Dolores Saul has written an article in the newest Scribbler newsletter about how to resize a photo for upload. When in doubt, you can also post a question in the forum or contact us under info[at]

Thank you!

Dorothea Schulz

PGE chair

Stella Mays our judge for the October Get Dusty Competition has choosen:

The winner is Alena Rachinger with "Koala mum with baby" Congratulations! She wins a set of 10 PanPastel colors and a set of Sofft tools from our sponsor PanPastel.

koala mom with baby 20191018 1616047083

In second place is Dolores Saul PGE with "Fyrsta the Firstin third place is Yael Maimon with "Mama cat".

fyrsta the first 20191019 1779919130 mama cat 20191024 1932485712

Stella Mays writes:

'For me as an artist the draw of the natural world is irresistible. Painting wild animals in their natural environment offers an opportunity to escape this shrinking congested world, at least for now… But habitat loss threatens most of my subjects and supporting conservation is at the core of my work.I always work in pastel, the vibrancy and immediacy suits my artistic style and impatient nature! Since becoming a mum I have less time to work but more ideas than ever. When I get to my studio it is hard to slow down, the result of this is less meticulous pictures with more original compositions, ironically just what I aspired to when I had all the time in the world!

I was born in London in 1973 and for as long as I can remember I have always loved nature. I started drawing horses at an early age. Since then I have painted a wide range of subjects although big cats have become a favourite. As an artist I am self taught and work in pastel. I am fascinated by the way light falls on a subject, while an ambition to create original compositions increasingly influences my work. I have been fortunate to sell work all over the world often in support of conservation. Art for me is a way to express my passion for wildlife and to communicate the need to protect the natural world.'