Stan Sperlak PSA our judge for the September Get Dusty Competition has choosen:

The winner is Polina Balashova with "The Low Sun" Congratulations! She wins a set of 10 PanPastel colors and a set of Sofft tools from our sponsor PanPastel.

the low sun 20190925 2014857913

In second place is Dorothea Schulz PGE with "Dawn in Montmelardin third place is Svenja Starke with "Frost Morning".

dawn in montmelard 20190919 1055699017 frosty morning 20190921 1142798771

Stan Sperlak, PSA is known for his dramatic landscape paintings of the sea, marshes and sky. He studied painting and drawing at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia, PA. Over the past decade he has maintained a teaching studio where a marsh, farm and forest meet on the Crow Creek in Goshen, NJ. It is there on 37 acres, that he has created a nature sanctuary and has begun creating sculptural and environmental art installations. His works have appeared in numerous magazines and books on painting. He is a signature member of the Pastel Society of America, the Maryland Pastel Society, and served on the board of The Mid Atlantic Plein Air Painters Association.


For this landscape challenge want to see a morning or evening scene. Pay attention to the specific colour of light at that time of day, and the position of the sun! Think of long shadows or sunrise and sunset. Deadline is September 25, every member may post two entries. Happy painting!


Lisa Ober, our judge for the July / August Get Dusty Competition has choosen:

The winner is Motti Shoval with "Shmuel Staircase" Congratulations! Motti wins a set of 10 PanPastel colors and a set of Sofft tools from our sponsor PanPastel.

shmuel staircase 20190722 1992160926

In second place is Silja Salmistu with "Raft of the Medusain third place is George Tsakiris with "Textures".

the raft of the medusa 20190824 1153296990 textures 20190718 1468270075


Lisa Ober, PSA, IAPS/MC, is an American portrait and still life painter and a workshop teacher, based in St. Louis, MO. When not in her studio painting or busy at the gallery she travels as a workshop instructor, sharing the skills that have made her a sought after artist. Ober considers it her mission to provide aspiring artists with confidence and to generate enthusiasm for painting in all its forms.

Her work has appeared in numerous publications including The Pastel Journal, Southwest Art, and American Art Collector. She has enjoyed awards in competitions such as Pastel Journal’s Pastel 100, Bold Brush, and IAPS PastelWorld. Collectors have recognized Ober’s work for its clever content, exquisite realism, and detail.


TWO BEETS OR NOT TWO BEETSOber is a signature member of Pastel Society of America, a Master Circle member of IAPS, and is actively involved in the arts in the Midwest. She is a board member of Heartland Art Club, Hope Creates, and The Academy of Nature and Wildlife Arts. Ober loves art and artists!