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Dorothea Schulz

PGE chair

Cuong Nguyen, our judge for the June Get Dusty Competition has choosen:

The winner isTai Meng Lim with "Modern Reflection" Congratulations! Tai Meng wins a set of 10 PanPastel colors and a set of Sofft tools from our sponsor PanPastel.

Cuong wrote:"For me, this is not a formal portrait, but it´s a portrait of a person who was captured in her quiet moment. I like the composition, the concept, and the artist´s skill is excellent!"

modern reflections 20190625 1456960066

In second place is Dorothea Schulz PGE with „The Boat Womanin third place is Dolores Saul PGE with "Louisa Sophie".

the boatwoman 20190613 1518823901louisa sophie 20190620 1324523103









In the first 6 months of this year we got a lot of new members.

Welcome to the PGE:

Maryline Dussud, Kim Morgan, Isabelle Renoncet, Fiona Carvell (Journeyer), Elcin Özcan (Journeyer), John Taylor, Raissa Schillimat, Anya Magomedova, James Dean, Polina Levin, Natalia van der Smissen, Sasha Pimanova, Joe Butler, Laura Meyer,Anna Wacker and Beate Kuczera (Journeyer).



Our Summer Get Dusty competition is open. Every member may upload up to three entries of their choice. There is no competition theme, choose whatever you fancy! The deadline is August, 25. Enjoy your summer and happy painting!



Cuong Nguyen is a renowned Vietnamese-American portrait painter and teacher. He is a PSA Master Pastellist and an IAPS Master circle member. 

'Trained to be a traditional portraitist at the age of 10 in my native Vietnam, I have always had a passion for drawing human faces. I believe that a successful painting requires that I establish an emotional connection with my subject, so that the viewer in turn connects at an emotional level with my work.
I like exploring all mediums, but particularly pastel, oil, charcoal and watercolor. My favorite is pastel pencil.'