After studying art at the Aix en Provence art academy, Claude Carvin worked in various professions to earn a living. He moved to Ardèche in 1992; inspired by the landscape, he began to exhibit in the region. After working in oil for years, he discovered pastel.

This technique changed his way of working; this direct and intuitive medium brings him closer to his subject, especially during plein air sessions.


There is less than a week left to enter our September 'Get Dusty' competition and show us your interpretation of our wonderful 'Reflection' poem. Or if you are not a landscape painter, maybe one of our next 'Get Dusty' challenges is right for you.

October- Category - Animals- Challenge:'Colourful animals'

Think hummingbirds, parrots, butterflies, chameleons; whatever species, as long as it is colourful!

November - Category - Florals - Challenge 'Autumn beauty in nature'

We want autumn flowers, leaves or mushrooms en plein air! No landscapes, please and no setup still lifes either! 

December/January - Category - Free choice, but a winter theme. 

This can be a snowy landscape. a Christmas still life, animals in their winter fur etc.etc.




                                                                                Have fun painting! 




Our September Get Dusty category is 'Landscape'. To make the challenge a bit more interesting, we have chosen the following poem by Paul Hansford:

Reflection (A Palindromic Poem)

Still waters, deep, 
surface like glass reflecting green above; 

and below are trees, sky, 
shadows, leaves, sunlight, 
moving and motionless. 
Here silent images shimmer now, 
and - air breathing suddenly - break. 
Unbidden feelings confuse 
reality and fantasy. 
Which is which? 
Fantasy and reality confuse; 
feelings unbidden break, suddenly breathing air; 
and now shimmer images, 
silent here, motionless 
and moving.... 
(sunlight leaves shadows) . 
Sky, trees are 
below - and above - 
green, reflecting, glass-like surface. 
Deep waters, still.

We think that this poem is a wonderful starting point for a painting featuring reflections. Let yourself be inspired by it!

The deadline for this competition is September, 25. You may enter up to two paintings.

Our guest judge Julie Freeman has chosen her winning painting. It is 'Douceur Frisee(Amina)' by Ghislane Fabre!

douceur frisee amina 20170722 2038052064

Congratulations! She wins a set of Unison softpastels.

In second place is 'Grace' by Lynn Howarth; in third place is 'Pears' by Teresa Allen.

2nd3rd 7.2017

We did it; PGE finally has their very own signature members! A long-cherished plan has come true.

In the last few weeks the board discussed and approached suitable candidates. Yesterday, during our latest board meeting we brought them to a vote. Congratulations to our first signature members Lynn Howarth, Ruth Mann, Marie-France Oosterhof, Annika Östmann, Dolores Saul and Dorothea Schulz!

Are you interested in joining the club? These are the criteria as stated by the PGE membership rules:

A PGE Signature member not only has to be an experienced and highly skilled pastellist, but someone who actively contributes to PGE by sitting on committees, writing articles, moderating in the forum, helping with the website, finding sponsors etc. This type of membership has to be earned. The board will meet once a year and consider which journeyer members deserve to be promoted to signature status. The candidates will then be contacted and asked to apply by sending in an artist statement, listing their artistic achievements (winning the Get Dusty, being juried into exhibitions, teaching pastel painting etc.) The final decision will be made by a jury of members of the PGE board who will later be joined by PGE signature members.