We at PGE are a colourful and mixed bunch of people. A lot of  our members are already accomplished pastels artists.They  may be PGE journeyer members, they teach classes, they  show their work in exhibitions and sell, they have won  competitions. But we also have quite a few members who just  started their pastel journey and may be daunted by the learning curve they see before them. For you we  are going to introduce a new challenge. We have decided to call it SPROUTS  because we would like to help you grow and thrive as pastel artists. Several times during the year we will open a challenge in the forum which will be built around a theme like ‘value’, ‘composition’ or ‘colour palette’. Only real beginners may participate. The general Get Dusty rules apply. The winner will get a signed certificate and will be presented on our front page and in the Scribbler. Read more about our first challenge in the forum.

Our guest judge Sarah Blumenschein has chosen a winner; it is Deborah Damgaard-Hansen with 'Dancing with teapots'. Congratulations! Deborah wins a set of Unison pastels.

In second place is Dolores Saul with 'Good luck!'. In third place is Dorothea Schulz with 'Chinese souvenirs'.

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Members, you still have a week to enter a painting into out May 'Get Dusty' and have a chance to win a beautiful set of Unison pastels. The category is 'Still life', the challenge is 'Still life with porcelain'. You may include others objects, but the emphasis should be on the porcelain, so not just a vase with flowers, please!

The category for June is 'Figure', the challenge is 'All dressed up!' We want a clothed female figure, either full or upper torso, in a historical, national, wedding or carnival costume. No everyday clothes, please! Deadline is June, 25th. The winner will receive a set of pastels from our sponsor Unison.


Sarah Blumenschein is a pastel artist living in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Although she earned a degree in Industrial Engineering in college, creating art has always been a passion.  Upon retiring from industry, she initially thought she wanted to paint landscapes, but eventually found herself more interested and excited about painting still lifes due to the variety of colors, shapes, textures, and reflective surfaces possible.