Jude Tolar PSA holds a psychology degree from Oklahoma State University. Art followed her, though, and led her to a graphic design and illustration career. She also wrote and illustrated children’s books. 

The winner of the first place is Dorothea Schulz with her painting "Lilacs"

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The winner is Ute Farr with "Dancing Kois"!

 dancing kois 20160408 1576732754






Congratulations! She wins a box of 60 Rembrandt half sticks.        

Our first real life PGE meeting came and went; and what fun we had! Although we were only a small group, there was a lot of information exchange, some great demos and new techniques and practical tips to digest. Many thanks to board member Dolores Saul for organizing this event so professionally. We also thank UART, PanPastel and Schmincke for their gifts of paper, pastels and tools.

Dear member,

I'm glad and proud at the same time to re-open the Get Dusty competition for our members again.