Like every summer, our GET DUSTY is a free choice competition. It runs until August, 25th at 00:00C ET. Every member can upload 3 paintings!

Please remember the rules before you upload:

1. Your photo has to be 800px on the long side; smaller sizes will be disqualified.

2. Please state the size of your original painting (size without mat and frame).

3. Please state your source! If you do not use your own set-up, you must have the right to use the reference and tell the name of the photographer! We do not want any copyright issues! 

If your entry was done from life, imagination or your own reference photo, say so. If an external reference was used you should state its source and, where appropriate, the name of the person to whom it belongs. If you do not add this information when entering, or later in the comments box, your entry will be disqualified.

4. All paintings entered must have been created within the last four years.BUT: a painting that has already won a Get Dusty competition, may not be entered again.

Happy Summer painting!

Emma Colbert , our judge for the June Get Dusty Competition has made her decision:

The winner is Yael Maimon with "Good Morning Pal". Congratulations! Yael receives a gift voucher.

good morning pal 20210625 1902358652

In second place is Ronald Hoppe with "Friends"in third place is Esther Kruis with "Sharing".

friends 20210603 1139540740 sharing 20210613 2034244984

This month, our Get Dusty challenge is about the relationship between human and animal. Show us a double portrait or figure of someone with their furry, scaly or feathery friend. Please do not enter far away riders or someone in the distance walking their dog; this is not a landscape competition. Human and animal should be the main elements of your composition and should dominate the picture plane.

As usual, every member may enter up to two paintings. The deadline is June, 25. Happy painting!


                     Dorothea Schulz PGE, Master copy after Mary Cassatt, Sara and her dog

Having graduated at UCA Maidstone with BA Hons Illustration in 2007, Emma Colbert began working on portrait commissions and producing her own series of wildlife pastel paintings.  She is now a leading animal portrait artist in the UK.  Endorsed by Unison Soft Colour Pastels, she has created colour selections of soft pastels for them designed specifically for painting animals.  You can read more about Emma’s Animal Unison sets here.

After discovering pastel at a young age, Emma knew this was the medium in which she wanted to develop.  An equal love of animals has fuelled a love of painting them.  Using pastels in a painterly way Emma creates highly detailed, vibrant work inspired by the beauty of nature and light.

Wanting to spend more time in nature, Emma currently lives and works in a motorhome with her partner Andrew and their miniature dachshund Brocci.  This has opened up the opportunity to be at one with nature, rising at dawn to photograph the mammals she paints, and spending long days painting in her portable studio at the back of the camper.

Having toured around Ireland in 2015 the trio are embarking on a European tour in 2016, painting and blogging as they go.  Although it is her aim to paint the inspirational scenes and wildlife on the trip, Emma will of course continue to produce commissioned portraits.  As the work is often posted worldwide and correspondence takes place online most of the time, this will not be a problem to any client anywhere.


Dorothea Schulz PGE, our judge for the May Get Dusty Competition has made her decision:

The winner is Svenja Starke with "On the ground II". Congratulations! Svenja receives a gift voucher from our sponsor the

on the ground ii 20210524 1548711014

In second place is Kerstin Birk with "Seaweed washed up on the beach"in third place is Alena Rachinger with "Nature´s treasures".

seaweed washed up on the beach 20210525 1282352305 natures treasures 20210525 1682950140