The winner of our October Get Dusty competition has been chosen; it is Dolores Saul PGE with ‘A little lady" Congratulations! Dolores wins a set of Premium Sanded Pastel Paper from our sponsor UART.

a little lady 20181018 1723263516

In second place is Yolanda Coervers-Schoenmakers with"A Day at the pool" in third place is Jan Hargood with "Best friend".

a day at the pool 20181002 2028274628

   best friend 20181012 1851748048










All entries to our Open Online Pastel Competition are now online. Click on PGE Online Competition 2018 Webshow to see all galleries and enjoy the beautiful diversity of the pastel art presented there.

Our guest judge for the October get Dusty is wildlife artist Eric Wilson!

He´s one of Great Britain´s leading wildlife artists, a multi-award winner whose paintings are now widely collected throughout the world. He has had sell out exhibitions in London, Germany and the United States. His paintings have apperared in numerous magazines and book and original works have been auctioned at Christies in London. So he is a perfect judge for our fourlegged pets. They have fur, paws, whiskers and a lovely soul too!

Scottish Wildcat


Announcing the winners of the PGE Open Online Pastel Competition 

What an amazing show this turned out to be; so many incredible paintings to choose from!

We thank our judges Eric Wilson, Jackie Simmonds PSA and Pirkko Mäkelä-Haapalinna PSA for their work which was not at all easy!

We also thank our sponsors UArt Sanded Paper, PanPastel, Gordan Becin and Victor4Art for their contributions to the prizes.

And the winners are...

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LANDSCAPE (including Seascape, Cityscape and Interior)






See the jury comments in the Special Pastel Scribbler 2018!

Title Special Scribbler 2018



The winner of our September Get Dusty competition has been chosen; it is Teresa Allen with ‘Treeline View’. Congratulations! Teresa wins a set of Premium Sanded Pastel Paper from our sponsor UART.

tree line view 20180923 1456338705

In second place is Kerstin Birk with ‘February Shadows’, in third place is Francoise Guillaume with ‚Arbres en lumière’.

february shadows 20180912 1264287248


 arbres en lumiere 20180910 2018945375