In the first 6 months of this year we got a lot of new members.

Welcome to the PGE:

Maryline Dussud, Kim Morgan, Isabelle Renoncet, Fiona Carvell (Journeyer), Elcin Özcan (Journeyer), John Taylor, Raissa Schillimat, Anya Magomedova, James Dean, Polina Levin, Natalia van der Smissen, Sasha Pimanova, Joe Butler, Laura Meyer,Anna Wacker and Beate Kuczera (Journeyer).



Cuong Nguyen is a renowned Vietnamese-American portrait painter and teacher. He is a PSA Master Pastellist and an IAPS Master circle member. 

'Trained to be a traditional portraitist at the age of 10 in my native Vietnam, I have always had a passion for drawing human faces. I believe that a successful painting requires that I establish an emotional connection with my subject, so that the viewer in turn connects at an emotional level with my work.
I like exploring all mediums, but particularly pastel, oil, charcoal and watercolor. My favorite is pastel pencil.'

Dorothea Schulz PGE, our judge for the May Get Dusty Competition has choosen:

The winner is Dolores Saul PGE with "Peeled off" Congratulations! Dolores wins a set of 10 PanPastel colors and a set of Sofft tools from our sponsor PanPastel.

peeled off 20190523 1568072669

In second place is Teresa Allen with Dappled doorway, in third place is Ute Farr with "The blue gate".

2.+3. May 2019


Hats, caps, work helmets, bonnets, turbans or a hijab or headscarf are all possible headcovers. Please don't upload portraits with small bows or other decorative items. Also, this is a portrait challenge, so no full figure, please! Deadline is June, 25. Happy painting!





MaryAnn Mullet PSA, our guest judge for the April Get Dusty Competition wrote: Thank you for the opportunity to serve as a guest judge for such a talented group of pastel artists!

The winner is Marie France Oosterhof PGE with "Flamingo´s flamenco" Congratulations! Marie France wins a set of 10 PanPastel colors and a set of Sofft tools from our sponsor PanPastel.

flamingos flamenco 20190402 2080746577

In second place is Kerstin Birk with "Three grey geese", in third place is Michele Ashby with "Swans on black water".

three grey geese 20190425 1070702105

swans on black water 20190414 1138777084