So the date to end this challenge is past. Thank you Beatriz V Herrera Campo for taking up this challenge. You are the winner! The challenge is visible only in our Forum. Next challenge will be in summer 2018.

The ´Best of Get Dusty´wins Ghislaine Fabre with her wonderful portrait ´Douceur Frisee´! What a great start into the new year!  Congratulations! The certificate is on the way to Ghislaine.

douceur frisee amina 20170722 2038052064

We are waiting for spring and the new Get Dusty competitions. The board has discussed a lot of possible challenges and has agreed on the following:

February - Portrait / Figure - challenge: Dance

We want one or several dancing figures. That can be ballet, ballroom dance, ethnic dances. Step or modern dance like Hip Hop is also possible.

March - Landscape - challenge: Cityscape, day or night

Your entry may contain human figures, but only as part of the scenery. Remember, this is a landscape challenge!

April - Animals - challenge: On the bird table

A painting of one or more local wild birds that visit our gardens. It’s fine if they are perched on a twig or sitting on the ground; a bird table is not essential for this challenge.





Free choice - Winter

Our guest judge Barbara Archer-Baldwin PSA has choosen the winner; it is Ghislane Fabre with 'Frosty Morning´. This is a beautiful painting and a worthy winner; congratulations! Ghislane wins a set of Premium Sanded Pastel Paper from our sponsor UART.

frosty morning matin givre 20180125 2005475469

In second place is Roman Burgan with  'Winter Time'. In third place is Martina Zingler with 'Colours of Snow'.


Barbara Archer-Baldwin is our guest judge for our winter Get Dusty. Winter- free choice.

 Barbara Archer

Barbara Archer-Baldwin, PSA, lives in Venice, FL, USA.

Member of: Pastel Society of America, Signature Member; Women Painters of Southeast, Pastel Society of Colorado, Pastel Society of Tampa Bay, and Pastel Society of West Coast..

Although she was primarily trained in oils, her passion is, now and forever, Pastels. She has been painting with Pastels exclusively for the last 12 years She has taught many mediums, including oil, acrylic, drawing, for the past 25 years, but now concentrates all her creative energies on Pastels teaching a weekly pastels class for the last 10 years.